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Houses For The Forest Spirits

On my early morning walk through the neighborhood and nearby park I came across these little little sculptures hung up high off the ground. They appeared to be little homes for creatures of some sort. In fact they reminded me of the forest spirit guides in the movie Princess Mononoke. The spirit creatures that guide Ashitaka and the two survivors of Iron Town through the woods.

So I ended up snagging a few shots of the sculpture from a few different angles. Fixing my position depending on the sunlight as a key and fill and supplementing with my on camera flash at the TTL setting. I also did something I haven't done in a long time and that is photograph in monochrome settings on my camera with a #vintage konica hexanon 40mm lens.

In my experience, a 40mm is a rather wide lens for street photography but I managed to make it work with my other settings and very precise composition and angles. I adamantly stuck to the rule of thirds for this photo session which is something I play more loosely with. For this reason I think these photos came out as good as they did. My F-stop was set at f/8, shutter speed 1/250, and iso100.

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